Friday, July 23, 2010

Collecting Jadite

Hmm, this is the most delicious dinnerware. I absolutely love it. I first started collecting the Fireking Alice pattern because there were only three pieces, and I thought it would be easy to locate them. Then, a certain Martha featured it prominently on her TV show and the stuff took off. But I still find a few affordable pieces. Also, I have branched out--I collect all things jadite. It is my favorite thing to collect. I love the pale green color and the shine and feel of it. I use it regularly--no need to relegate this to a back shelf. It is in my cabinet--standing ready.

Collecting Fiesta

Fiesta collecting started oddly. One day I was at my mother's house for dinner. We were watching KCPT, a local PBS station, and they had a segment on Fiesta. In the midst of this show, my mother was hounding me to start collecting something--she had gotten into collecting Depression Glass. I said I didn't need to collect anything, but she would not give up. Finally, I said, "Alright, I will collect that!" (meaning Fiesta) She was aghast. She said it was the ugliest thing she had ever seen. That sealed it; I said yep, that is what I want to collect, thinking she would never buy it for me. Well, she surprised me and bought me my first pieces for Christmas. I have since come to love it, and so has she. She has even more pieces than I do.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Moon and Star Glassware

This is the latest collection of glassware I have delved into. It started with one candy dish and wasn't supposed to go beyond that, but as you can see, I cannot resist colored glassware of any kind. The Moon and Star pattern was made by Adams & Co., U.S. Glass, L. G. Wright, Fenton, L. E. Smith, and Weishar Enterprises. It has been produced from 1880 to the 1990s. Currently, this is a very affordable glassware, and the vibrant colors really pack a punch.

According to Collecting Glassware from the 40s, 50s, and 60s by Gene Florence, Moon and Star has been made in the following colors: crystal, amber, amberina, amethyst, blue, blue satin, blue opalescent, brown, cranberry opalescent, green, green satin, mint, green opalescent, milk glass, ruby, ruby satin, pink, pink satin, vaseline, vaseline satin, vaseline opalescent, and jadite.

I don't collect the satin pieces, and I have yet to find a jadite piece. I like the blue shades the best. My least favorite is the amber color.