Friday, December 31, 2010

Meet the newest member of my family! Her name is Abby. She was named after Abby Scuito from NCIS. But we call her Abby Cadabby all the time. She is just so precious, like a little character from Sesame Street. She is half miniature schnauzer and half bichon frise. She has the same color markings as Schnitzel and Boo, so she fits right into the family. Pray for me as we potty train her in the next month, yes the coldest month of the year. Yikes!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Years
I will be in the kitchen if anyone needs me!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Twelve Days of Christmas

This is for my friend Karen. I don't get to see her often enough. She is FABULOUS! Check out the lovely tiered cookie tray that she gave me. All it needs now is the cookies. Oh yes, people, there are cookies. Trust me on that one. I created this Curious Sofa inspired look for her and other fans of the store that will soon close it brick and mortar doors.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Travel is No Vacation

Home for the Holidays! Going, going, gone!

Tips on Travel: A recap from a CBS Sunday Morning segment.

Peter Greenberg shared these tips on CBS Sunday Morning (one of my favorite shows of all time).

Almost every plane is full, and airfare is up over 59%. Besides charging for checked luggage, some airlines are charging for pillow, blankets, and food.

Most airports can handle 22 takeoffs, but airlines are allowed to schedule up to 34 takeoffs an hour.

Here are Peter's Rules for Travel:

Rule #1: Never on Sunday
Never book your flight on Sunday. By Wednesday, some of those discount reservations expire, freeing up unused seats and untold bargains.

Rule #2: Undress for Success
Get to the airport early. No metal, nothing in your pockets. Put it all in your carry-on bag, and dress after you clear security.

Rule #3: Do Not Check Bags
There are only two types of bags, carry-on and lost. Instead, ship your bags to your destination. You will save two hours of your life every time you fly. Your bags will be waiting for you, instead of you waiting for your bags.

Forty three million people are flying this holiday season, up 3% from last year. Good luck!

Better yet, hitch a ride with Santa (my tip, not Peter's).

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Awesome! Shout out to Leslie!

Twelve Days of Christmas

My student teacher, Leslie, made these adorable reindeer cupcakes. They were a big hit with everyone. If the whole teaching thing doesn't work out, she might have a future as a pastry chef.

This is the book the recipe and instructions came from. Check it out. There are so many fun cupcake ideas. Maybe Santa will bring me a copy.

On Friday, we celebrated Leslie's last day of student teaching. Actually, all week was a celebration. We lunched with the secretaries one day, had a luncheon and candy one day, and exchanged gifts. This is the wrapping on her present. I love it--notice the toile and tulle, a great combination.

Here is Leslie opening her present. Okay, I have to confess that she opened it, and I forgot to take pictures, so we staged a reopening. So, if she looks like she is acting a little cheesy, you'll know why. It was my fault. Thanks Leslie.

I will miss her. She was a fabulous student teacher. The kids really enjoyed her. I think some of them were having separation anxiety at the end. She will do great. Can't wait to hear from her when she gets her own classroom.

Hey Leslie, hope you made it home safely! Merry Christmas, you were the best!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas 2010 Decorations

Twelve Days of Christmas

Well, I am unveiling the Christmas Decorations for 2010. The color of choice ended up being red! RED, y'all! Here is the tree. The tree topper is a Mark Roberts's Fairy. The theme is a woodland theme on the tree, the mantle, and above the bookcase. Eat your heart out Mary Carol!

This is the bookcase. It has garden statuary, birds, a birdhouse, and winter greens.

The mantle has a bust of a girl, a birdhouse, and greens with pine cones. All of the decorations have white lights woven into them. Don't get me started on that mirror. As many times as I have cleaned it, I still see streaks in it, arrrgghhh!

This is the centerpiece on the coffee table. Simple--just one large ball with ribbon and greenery, accented with silver ball stems.

The dining room was especially fun this year. I went with the nutcracker theme, and put apothecary jars filled with candy down the table. I added Mark Roberts's Fairies that had candy themes. So fun. And, notice the Johnson Bros. Christmas plates from Marshall's/Home Goods. Love that store. I also have matching cups. The drinking glasses are a pale green with Christmas trees on them. The table cloth is a red plaid, since red plaid is in this year.

Other Mark Roberts's Fairies are spread throughout the house. I tried to put them in many rooms to spread the joy.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Jingle, Jingle

Like Christmas home tours???

How would you like to go on 462 home tours? Well, you can, virtually that is. If you only want to go on, say, 12, you can do that, too. Click the following link to begin your Christmas adventure.

No, my house isn't on the tour...yet. I have finally found the camera after the decorating frenzy, so look for pics of my decorations coming soon!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Many Faces of Boo

The end of the year is a time for reflection. Let's look back on the year with Boo, shall we?

This is one of the few pics where he is not hamming it up for the camera. He shoulda been in pictures, I tell ya!

Okay, so he needs a haircut. The poor guy can barely see, but he is so cuddly when his hair grows out. His fur is very soft.

Playful Boo. He loves to play. He would play for hours if I had the energy.
Schnitzel was supposed to play with him, but she is having none of it most of the time.

Who me? I wasn't sleeping, just resting my eyes. See, I am awake.

Post grooming. Notice the flashy scarf.

A cone head for sure. He didn't wear it long--it was just too pathetic.

This is the first pic I can remember taking of Boo.

First Christmas!

This is my very favorite pic of Boo. It was taken after a long day of Christmas play. He fell asleep on one of his toys.

Things Boo has destroyed.
He has chewed or eaten:
1. A 12 dollar rug. I was sad.
2. A 50 dollar rug. I was mad.
3. A 200 dollar rug. He almost lost his life--kidding, I just gave him evil stares for the rest of the day.
4. A hole in the carpet in my bedroom. Don't even get me started
5. About 12 stuffed dog toys.
6. Numerous towels, washcloths, etc.
7. One dog bed.
8. A pair of slippers.
9. A cell phone charger cord.
10. 47 rolls of toilet paper! I can't keep him out of the bathroom. So, if you come to my house, you will notice all of the bathroom doors are closed.
This is the cutest dog I have ever seen. There is a reason he was made so cute with such a sunny personality. Otherwise, he would be homeless. I kid, I kid~sort of!