Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Travel is No Vacation

Home for the Holidays! Going, going, gone!

Tips on Travel: A recap from a CBS Sunday Morning segment.

Peter Greenberg shared these tips on CBS Sunday Morning (one of my favorite shows of all time).

Almost every plane is full, and airfare is up over 59%. Besides charging for checked luggage, some airlines are charging for pillow, blankets, and food.

Most airports can handle 22 takeoffs, but airlines are allowed to schedule up to 34 takeoffs an hour.

Here are Peter's Rules for Travel:

Rule #1: Never on Sunday
Never book your flight on Sunday. By Wednesday, some of those discount reservations expire, freeing up unused seats and untold bargains.

Rule #2: Undress for Success
Get to the airport early. No metal, nothing in your pockets. Put it all in your carry-on bag, and dress after you clear security.

Rule #3: Do Not Check Bags
There are only two types of bags, carry-on and lost. Instead, ship your bags to your destination. You will save two hours of your life every time you fly. Your bags will be waiting for you, instead of you waiting for your bags.

Forty three million people are flying this holiday season, up 3% from last year. Good luck!

Better yet, hitch a ride with Santa (my tip, not Peter's).

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