Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas 2010 Decorations

Twelve Days of Christmas

Well, I am unveiling the Christmas Decorations for 2010. The color of choice ended up being red! RED, y'all! Here is the tree. The tree topper is a Mark Roberts's Fairy. The theme is a woodland theme on the tree, the mantle, and above the bookcase. Eat your heart out Mary Carol!

This is the bookcase. It has garden statuary, birds, a birdhouse, and winter greens.

The mantle has a bust of a girl, a birdhouse, and greens with pine cones. All of the decorations have white lights woven into them. Don't get me started on that mirror. As many times as I have cleaned it, I still see streaks in it, arrrgghhh!

This is the centerpiece on the coffee table. Simple--just one large ball with ribbon and greenery, accented with silver ball stems.

The dining room was especially fun this year. I went with the nutcracker theme, and put apothecary jars filled with candy down the table. I added Mark Roberts's Fairies that had candy themes. So fun. And, notice the Johnson Bros. Christmas plates from Marshall's/Home Goods. Love that store. I also have matching cups. The drinking glasses are a pale green with Christmas trees on them. The table cloth is a red plaid, since red plaid is in this year.

Other Mark Roberts's Fairies are spread throughout the house. I tried to put them in many rooms to spread the joy.

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