Saturday, December 18, 2010

Awesome! Shout out to Leslie!

Twelve Days of Christmas

My student teacher, Leslie, made these adorable reindeer cupcakes. They were a big hit with everyone. If the whole teaching thing doesn't work out, she might have a future as a pastry chef.

This is the book the recipe and instructions came from. Check it out. There are so many fun cupcake ideas. Maybe Santa will bring me a copy.

On Friday, we celebrated Leslie's last day of student teaching. Actually, all week was a celebration. We lunched with the secretaries one day, had a luncheon and candy one day, and exchanged gifts. This is the wrapping on her present. I love it--notice the toile and tulle, a great combination.

Here is Leslie opening her present. Okay, I have to confess that she opened it, and I forgot to take pictures, so we staged a reopening. So, if she looks like she is acting a little cheesy, you'll know why. It was my fault. Thanks Leslie.

I will miss her. She was a fabulous student teacher. The kids really enjoyed her. I think some of them were having separation anxiety at the end. She will do great. Can't wait to hear from her when she gets her own classroom.

Hey Leslie, hope you made it home safely! Merry Christmas, you were the best!

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