Tuesday, May 11, 2010

American Idol Goes Hollywood

Theme: Songs from the Movies

Guest Mentor: Jamie Foxx—anyone wanna take bets on whether he uses and auto-tuner???

Contestant or Artist? Give me a break, Jamie Foxx is deciding this?

Lee DeWyze is singing Kiss from a Rose. Lee should stop wearing plaid. He is cooler than plaid—plaid might work in the paint store, but not on the Idol stage. It was just okay for me. He hit some sharp notes and was a bit pitchy throughout. I think the rose wilted a bit during that performance.

Michael Lynche is singing Will You Be There. Can you say overdone? Overwrought? There was no subtlety in this performance. It was a Michael Jackson impersonation. I hated this song choice, and it read more Gospel than Movies.

Duet: Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox are singing Falling Slowly. Pick up the tempo guys, c’mon. It was too tentative at the beginning. Better towards the middle. I think it was okay. I liked the song choice and thought it worked well with their voices. The judges were on overkill praise. Are they trying to hype the two into the final two?

Casey James is singing Mrs. Robinson. Casey rocks the sexy hair tonight. If he really wanted to sell the sex appeal, he should have gone without the T-shirt. This is dedicated to Kara, his married woman stalker! It was okay, not wow, but he held his own. He could have done more with the song.

Crystal Bowersox is singing I’m Alright. Dang, I wish she was singing The Rose. What is going on with these song choices tonight? It was good, but still, I want The Rose from her. She is gonna win this competition, I think. How is that for noncommittal?

Casey James and Michael Lynche are singing Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman. I am beginning to think I don’t really love anything about this night. Maybe I am just too cranky, afterall, it is May. May brings the bear out in me. The gruff, grumbly, cranky bear. It was…okay, some nice guitar playing and harmonizing.

Best line of the night, Ellen: “As a matter of fact, yes, I have loved a woman!”

So, who should go home? Michael Lynche

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