Monday, May 2, 2011

Hot Panini!

For Christmas, I received this fabulous cast-iron Panini grill pan. It makes terrific sandwiches. Here is my version of the Panera restaurant breakfast Panini.

Homemade Breakfast Panini for Two


4 slices of sourdough bread

2 eggs

2-4 slices of cheese (American, cheddar, or Swiss—whatever you prefer)

½ pound of thinly sliced turkey

4 Tablespoons of butter, softened



Non-Stick Cooking Spray


In non-stick skillet, fry eggs in a tablespoon of butter—set aside. Heat grill pan. Before placing Panini on grill pan, you will spray with cooking spray. Assemble the Panini by layering cheese, egg, turkey and a bit of salt and pepper. The salt and pepper is a little trick I learned by watching Panera make my Panini. It adds a little something extra. Butter the outer sides of the Panini bread. Place in grill pan. Weight it down by placing a heavy skillet wrapped in aluminum foil on top of it. Let it cook for a few minutes. Once you have some nice grill pan lines on the Panini, flip it over and cook on the other side. If you like, add tomato slices or even grilled onions. Whatever suits your fancy. You can’t mess this up. If you don’t have a Panini grill pan, just use a skillet. You won’t have the pretty lines, but it will still taste delicious.

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