Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Ms. Parton, Did You Have to Go There?

I was visited by Dolly Parton on my way to work today,

And now I am a bit worried because I didn’t have my cup of ambition,

And I have to face distracted drivers applying makeup and texting on the streets on my way to barely making a living.

Ms. Parton said it would drive me crazy if I let it.

Crazy, indeed.

I might go crazy waiting for my ship to come in as I deal with those more crazy than myself.

We all are,

You know. We have to be to survive our nine to five.

So, I rumble down the road, in my ’96 dream, bobbing to Parton’s frothy concoction of a melody, wondering how this day will go,

And wondering whether there is at least one cup of ambition left for me,

Or if the guy down the hall took the last one.

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