Monday, September 30, 2013

Everything's Coming Up Roses!

This table features a vintage tablecloth with roses, vintage ivory Fiesta, vintage forest green Fiesta, vintage rose Fiesta, post-86 flamingo, scarlet and ivory Fiesta, vintage rose Harlequin, and glasses found at the thrift store. The rose napkin rings came from Kohl's. I have had the flatware for years, and don't even remember where I found it.

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cheese Soup--It must be Autumn.

Cheese Soup


1 lb. mild sausage (I used Jimmy Dean--I think you could also use hamburger if you like)
1 package of Potatoes O'Brien—defrosted in the microwave (you will find those in your frozen food section with the frozen hash browns)
2 lb. block of cubed Velveeta
4 oz. shredded Pepper Jack cheese.
4 cups of milk (you may need more or less, depending how thick you want the soup)
1 tsp. black pepper
Salt to taste


In large soup pan, brown sausage. Add potatoes, cheeses, and milk. Season with pepper and salt. Let simmer on low until cheese is melted.  This was originally a crock pot recipe, but I don’t like to use milk in the crock pot because of the chance of curdling.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Seaside Dining

Living in the midwest, I am about as far from either ocean as you can get. I love the ocean, though, and whenever I am near it, I feel a sense of peace.

This table reminds me of the sea! I used vintage Fiesta in turquoise, Post-86 Fiesta in Seamist, Ivory, Periwinkle, and Turquoise, vintage Harlequin in turquoise, Hazel Atlas ruffled plates, vintage glassware, and Fenton glassware.

Tablescape Thursday

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Last Blast of Summer, and I Am Mad About Plaid

This tablescape is what is commonly referred to in the Fiesta collectors' world as Exploded Clown, meaning all the colors are just thrown out there on the table. I love it! The table is a mix of vintage and post-86 Fiesta, vintage Harlequin, Pfaltzgraff, and some vintage glassware. The little square dishes that the Harlequin toy creamers are in came from Dillards. They currently have them in stock. The flatware is from Tuesday Morning. The tablecloth is new from Kohl's.

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