Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

A tradition has been established: chili dogs (known as Halloweenies) and trick or treating in the best darn trick or treating neighborhood out there. I won't tell you where it is because I don't like the competition for candy if you know what I mean!

Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat! Okay, so maybe he didn't quite say that many words or any words, but he was darn cute as a dragon, and he worked it for all he was worth in the quest for candy. He may not understand the English language, but he sure understands sugar!

Whew, I need to rest up for my big night of Trick or Treating. How about you?

Here I am, suited up and ready to go. I am ready for my close-up.

Mom was excited too; she couldn't wait to raid the candy after the trick or treating. A one year old is no match for her!

Ooooooh, scary! Notice the spiders crawling up the house. Now that is gonna take a big can of raid!

Ghosts among the tombstones. Spooky.

There was also a light and sound show at this little halloween gem.

Yikes, the zombie skeletons are coming out of the ground and on the move! Help!

Never fear though, Superman was there to protect us.

I couldn't do this alive, much less dead!

Enter if you dare! Yes, candy was involved, so we braved the scary stuff for the sweet stuff.

Wow, this halloween thing is cool. It could really catch on. I think he is hooked and is gonna want to do this every year.

There was even a halloween float. Okay, a trailer with lights but who cares; it was festive and fun.

I feel like someone is watching me. Notice the cat eyes in the window. I AM DEFINITELY LOOKING FOR THESE NEXT YEAR FOR MY WINDOWS.

So happy! Halloweenies were the hit.

Maybe she over did it with the Halloweenies. Oh wait, she studied her brains out.

Boo even got into the fun. Always one for a party, he just wanted to play and eat. His shirt says, "I may be cute, but I bite." So true.

Schnitzel has a costume too, a Martha Stewart costume no less, but she seems underwhelmed. I think she is saying, "Really, you put me in this weird costume and now you want to take pictures? REALLY????"

Oh well, it was a good night, and fun was had by all. Happy Halloween and see you next year.

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