Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nell Hill's Christmas Home Tour
Atchison, Kansas

Mary Carol Garrity hosted her annual Christmas Home Tour, but she revealed at the beginning of the tour this would be the last Christmas Tour. GASP!!!!!!! However, she said the fall tour would be bigger next year and the tent with merchandise was coming back. Her hints for the holidays: loop ribbon instead of making bows, red is the "in" color, and plaids are big.

She also shared historical facts about the house. At one time it was a hospital and the master bedroom was the surgery room. Plus, the house was formerly located in the middle of the block, and one of the previous owners had it moved to the corner of the block. It cannot be listed on the historical registry because when they made it a hospital they removed much of the molding and gingerbread work in the house.

Look for a new Mary Carol book in 2013.

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Zella said...

Hi - great pictures ! Not much of a Christmas person myself anymore these days, but looking at these photos made me wish I were :)