Sunday, October 13, 2013

BOO! Happy Halloween

Have a seat at the least spookiest Halloween table you will ever see! BOO--see not scary at all. Even the spiders are sparkly!

This table was so much fun to create. I started with, okay became obsessed with, the tablecloth. I saw it online and had to have, so I tracked it down on eBay and won it! Yay, me!

Then, I used Vintage Fiesta and Harlequin, plus Post-86 Fiesta, to create a table that is more fun than spooky. Just the way I like Halloween.

The Fiesta flatware was given to my by a dear dish friend since she was getting new silverware. Thanks dish friend, Melissa!

The owl napkin rings were sent to me by another dear dish friend. She knows how I adore owls. Thanks, Monica! Please ignore that stray thread on that napkin. Sheesh, LINT!!!

I "made" the glasses. I found the spider stickers and the straws at Hobby Lobby and then stuck the spiders on the glasses. I love the effect because it was becoming impossible to find actual Halloween glassware.

To all, be safe trick or treating out there, and try not to frighten the little ones (and me) too much!

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Monica @ Texas Fiesta Ware Fan said...

Great Job!! Love it all!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful cheerful it!