Tuesday, April 27, 2010

“All Aboard the Shania Twain”

I am like the postal service; neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor sinus infection will keep me from blogging Idol. Welcome to the medicated recap!

One month from finale—the countdown begins as six remain.

Theme: Shania Twain songbook. Let me just say I have loved Shania for many years. When my nephew and niece were wee children about six or seven, we were driving down a country road in a pickup in Oklahoma, and the song came on the radio. They starting singing along and serenaded me with Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under. Now, it is an odd experience to have small children sing these lyrics by heart and direct it at you.

Lee DeWyze is singing You’re Still the One. Not bad, though he seems a bit uncomfortable with country. I think the rock genre is definitely where he belongs. I did like the last line. He tried to turn it into rock, and it almost made it. Something was weird about his face and especially his left eye. What’s wrong with your wonky eye, DeWyze???

Michael Lynch is singing It Only Hurts When I am Breathing. Okay, it seems Michael has peaked prior to this week, and someone needs to have the car waiting when he gets eliminated this week. It only hurts when I listen to Big Mike sing Shania. In the words of Wendy Williams, there is a Michael Lynche out there in lots of churches. It seems to have touched Shania, but it did nothing for me.

Casey James is singing Don’t. I think he was working the bed head, doing his best to make love to the camera. But emotionally, I am not sure he connected with the song. This song calls for a certain heartfelt desperation in the longing behind the lyrics, and he didn’t seem to reach down deep enough for that, though he was trying mighty hard. Overall, a good performance. I think it will pull enough votes to keep her in the competition.

Crystal Bowersox is singing No One Needs to Know. The transitions in the song were atrocious. The whole performance just seemed off. She seemed to be struggling. And she needs to fire her stylist, that dress was horrible on her. There are so many Shania songs that she could have rocked, and she just let me down. I am hoping she is the next American Idol, let’s hope she makes it back next week. I think Simon is really slamming her to get people riled up so they vote for her. That Simon is a crafty one.

Aaron Kelly is singing You Got a Way. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I loved it. His voice was amazing—crystal clear and heartfelt. I think he is definitely going to be a country artist. He really came into his own tonight. Ahhh, he sang that to his mom, and that just got him a few million more votes. Way to work it, Aaron—you’re no fool.

Siobhan Magnus is singing Any Man of Mine. She chose one of Shania’s biggest hits, which is always a danger. Though she reminded me of Shania with her hair and boots and all, I don’t know that she nailed the attitude that this song calls for. She did bring out the big guns at the end. Let’s see if it keeps her. This song is so popular, just her singing this song should garner some votes.

This was a tough night for my favorites, but I have to say Aaron Kelly was the best tonight.

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