Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sleepy Idol

Let’s Come Together People, It’s Lennon and McCartney Night

Aaron Kelly is singing Long and Winding Road. Sing, he will. He seems more at ease on stage than ever, which is amazing for a 17 year old. Not standing ovation worthy, but good one Yoda. I wish he had picked a song with more pizzazz, or done something out of the ordinary with the song he chose.

Katie Stevens, wearing her Pepto Bismol dress, is singing Let It Be. One of my favorite songs—don’t screw it up Katie! Overall, her performances/song choices have been too somber; she needs to lighten up. She has the bubble gum pop outfit, but not the song stylings of the next pop princess. She did perform it well, but I don’t think this was the best song choice to show what kind of artist she will be.

Andrew Garcia has personality??? Where has that been on stage when he is performing? Andrew is singing Can’t Buy Me Love. Ick, awful, blech! Hated it; he may be in trouble this week. It bordered on big band corny. Don’t confuse personality with corny. Bad song choice strikes again.

Michael Lynche is singing Eleanor Rigby. I have never thought of the song Eleanor Rigby as an R&B/soul song, but leave it Big Mike to give it soul. To me, this song has always been a sad song, and Mike’s version was just a bit too over the top for me.

Crystal Bowersox is singing Come Together. Sing on Mama Sox; be true to yourself! This was a very southern, country rock version of the song—it reminded me of Gretchen Wilson. This song totally suited Crystal, and even with a cold, she nailed it. Didgeridoo or DidgeriDON’T? Discuss people.

Teflon Tim Urban is…smiling, surprise! Tim is singing All My Lovin’. I can’t believe it, but I actually liked it. It was probably his best performance to date. Oh yeah, the teens and vote for the worst fans will be dialing in. Oh Teflon, you will be sticking around. Isn’t he just like a puppy?!?

Playboy Casey James is singing Jealous Guy. Shaky start. I wish he had chosen a song that was more widely known. I own the Imagine album, and I couldn’t even remember this song. It seems slow—I wish he would pick up the tempo. I am at the opposite end of the judges, and maybe everyone else, but I did not enjoy it. I might be wrong about his performance, but Goldilocks will be back.

Siobhan Magnus is singing Across the Universe. I think this whole night has just about put me to sleep. Siobhan’s performance was so drowsy and dream-like, I just want to go to bed. You know when you sometimes put on the easy listening station as you are going to bed? That’s what I felt like. But I love her outfit and her look. She is so odd and she embraces her oddities, and I admire that in a person.

Lee DeWyze is singing Hey Jude. I like the sound of his voice on this song, but I don’t think he ever hit his groove on the song. Not my favorite performance from him. I hope it didn’t earn him a trip home. What is up with the bagpipe dude? Good lord, a didgeridoo and now bagpipes!

I think Andrew may go home.

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