Friday, November 18, 2011

A Favorite Memory from My Childhood

Fried Okra
In the name of truth, I must confess, this is not homemade okra. This is frozen okra that I bought in the grocery store because garden fresh okra is out of season. However, I had a craving and as I was making it, I was reminded of my childhood. I have placed the recipe below that I use when okra is in season. Enjoy!

One of the pleasures from my childhood was my granny's fried okra. I would go out to the garden with my Papa and pick okra. He did most of the picking actually. I kind of just tagged along. Okra is kind of itchy because of the skin, so I deferred to the expert. The one thing I know for sure is there is nothing better than fresh okra from a summer garden. Besides frying okra, my granny would cut up okra and put it in her homemade black-eyed peas. Don't mind me if I start to drool a little.

Fried Okra Recipe

Flour (optional)
A fresh garden tomato if they are in season
Vegetable oil
Salt and pepper

Heat oil in a skillet. Slice ends off of okra and discard. Slice remaining okra horizontally. Place the cornmeal or cornmeal flour mix in a bowl. Place okra in bowl and coat. Carefully drop okra into hot grease. Watch out for splatters! Cook until lightly browned. If you have a fresh tomato, quarter it and add it in the last few minutes of cooking. It is delicious mixed in with the okra. Salt and pepper to taste.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE fried Okra. Like you, it brings back wonderful childhood memories of my Aunt Hazel, who wasn't really my aunt but my babysitter when I was in my preK years. Hazel passed away earlier this year, but my fondest memory of her is her Fried Okra - and a zillion other comfort foods that she got me hooked on.