Sunday, July 15, 2012

HLCCA Convention, AKA the Fiesta Convention

 This is the first  HLCCA auction item I won at my first HLCCA Convention, a Juniper Bud Vase with J. Parry designed graphic rose decal.  Very neat!

Some of the giveaways at the first night Meet and Greet Mixer.

 Mary and Nett having fun at the breakfast.

Floral Arrangement

 The big winner in the floral arrangement contest.  GO TRISHA--she rocked it.  I love succulents and Fiesta.  I call this the Zen Fiesta Garden.  Not sure if it had a name; I can't remember.

Floral arrangement--love the green hues.

Floral arrangement--Ruby Red Slipper Vase.  Toto, I don't think we are in Kansas anymore!

 Floral Arrangement--Fiesta is very patriotic you know!  It is made in America!

 Exhibit Items--very cool water fountain.  I still am not sure how they did that.

 Some experimental pieces, not massed produced.

Jubilee anyone???

 Love this platter.  There was one at the auction like this.  It was so cool!  I wanted it!
Note to self:  Save more money for Fiesta auction!

 Tablescape at the exhibit.  I think this one was by one of the board members of HLCCA.  Now, how do I get that plate???

Warner Bros. Fiesta--I wanted it all.

 Sadly, it is no longer in production, but I did buy three Warner Bros. mugs at the Show and Sale.

Doesn't this just make you happy? More pics are coming in future posts.  


Elma said...

Very nice pictures!!!!

onedishdude said...

Thank you. Be sure to check out my other pics from the convention. I am posting them now.