Wednesday, March 27, 2013


These beauties came from Aldi. If you haven't checked out Aldi, go there now. I am not a paid spokesman for Aldi, but I do love a bargain. These flowers are sure to brighten up the home, and I hope to plant them outside once it warms up a bit.


Marigene said...

Yes, the snow is melting fast so maybe spring really will show up! I bought one of those gorgeous pink hydrangeas at Aldi's the other day, to find a shady spot to plant it...

JBDal said...

I've been following you ever since I found your posting for Chili's Chicken Green Chili soup (which is off their menu but one of my favorite recipes).
I always look forward to your posts. You are so full of great ideas and always consider scale, contrast, color, shape and more.
Coincidentally, I'm also a guy w/more Fiesta than can be accommodated in the kitchen & you always amaze.
You're truly an inspiration to your followers!
Aldi's just expanded to Dallas in the past year or so; I'll rush over there today to see if they carry anything seasonal for here.
Keep it up, Dude!
John in Dallas