Saturday, March 5, 2011

What I Am Reading

People often ask me what I am reading these days. I love novels, nonfiction, and poetry, but my secret passion is design books. I love them. It is like going on a home tour from my living room. I get to peek inside other people's homes. Of course, these homes are fantastic because they have staged and tweaked and beautified.

Savannah Style

This was a gift. I love this book. Well, truthfully I love all things Paula, and I have always wanted to go to Savannah. It was written by Brandon Branch with Paula.

Vintage Vavoom

I found this at Half Price Bookstores while browsing the aisles. It caught my attention because of the dishes on the cover. I do have a passion for dishes. When I opened the book and noticed pictures of Jadite, I had to have it. I really do discover something new every time I open this book.

My Passion for Design

This book came out around Christmas time. It was about 60 bucks. I didn't really have extra cash to spend around that time, so I put this in the back of my mind and thought I will get it later. Well, while I was at Half Price Bookstores, I saw this in a box of books an employee was getting ready to shelve. It was priced $7.48. Yes, under 8 bucks. Can you believe it? I snatched it up before it even made it to the shelf. I do love decorating books, but I love a bargain more!

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