Wednesday, January 25, 2012

100 Years of Glass

I started collecting Fenton Glassware a few years ago. I liked that they made small pieces, as any collection can get out of control, and space is at a premium. Plus, they sold it on QVC, and nothing sucks me in like a good QVC sales event. I am not kidding people--I can't resist the cheesy hosts. I have actually DVRed Fenton shows on QVC, knowing full well that by the time I watch it, most of it will be sold out. Hello, my name is...and I have a QVC addiction. Well, horror of horrors, Fenton decided to shut down their main furnaces, so they are no longer producing mass amounts of glassware and are shifting their productions to beads, like the Pandora beads. Arrrgghhh! Oh well, that just makes the hunt for Fenton even more exciting and special. I am always on the lookout for Fenton animals that are painted, signed, and stickered.

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