Tuesday, March 2, 2010

American Idol—Girls’ Night Out, Scratch that, Boys’ Night Out

Crystal, what’s wrong???, please tell me you will be here tomorrow night!

Hey AI fans, I hope I don’t disappoint, but I am recovering from what I am calling a migraine headache. Even if it wasn’t a migraine, it felt like someone was stabbing me in the eye with knife, and top of my head felt like it was going to explode. This lasted for almost 24 hours. Needless to say, I am a bit shaky, but here goes.

Idol—Michael Lynche, Big Mike is HUGE into theatre, and I bet he is living large. Hehe. Don’t hurt em big Mike. Love the unicolor suit/shirt combo, very suave! It’s Big Mike’s world, apparently because he was working the soul. But will leaving out James Brown’s splits affect the voting—stay tuned. I mean if Michael had done the splits during that and come back up with the mic, I would have voted for him 50 times.

Idol—John Park performing Gravity, and already, I have my doubts. It was not as bad as I anticipated, but I am thinking he overworked some of the notes, and it seemed like it was karaoke night at the local pub. By the way, next time, wear more than a white undershirt, c’mon bub, this is American Idol, not Schleppy Idol. I was underwhelmed by the whole presentation.

Idol—Casey James! Hold on to your hats, this is dedicated to Debbie K., who says she needs a drool bucket when he performs. Ooohhh, he is a handy man—how macho. I don’t think it was as sultry as it was last week. Maybe Casey needs to stick to ballads. He seems to have guitar skills, but I wanted him to be more raw on this song.

Idol—Alex Lambert—oh how I wanted him to go home last week, but here we are. Legit, Vomit, and his own language—this boy scares me, in a Deliverance kind of way! Not mad about the plaid. Ouch, he is scrunching up his face again and that so annoys me. He is just trying too hard to be something he will never be, the next American Idol. Here is what I know, that last note was a BIG FAT NOOOOOO!

Idol—Todrick Hall, well, if his voice doesn’t shine, at least his suit jacket will. First Kelly, and now Tina! Next week, Celine, lol. First rule on AI is do not sing the DIVAS if you can’t pull it off. Memo to Todrick, you can’t pull off any diva. Move on from the Divas. I don’t think he has the background and life experience to sing What’s Love Got To Do With It.

Idol—Jermaine Sellers, HAAAAAAAAA--pajamas with feet. If you are not a toddler, lose the onesie. He seems a bit too confident without the skill to back it up. The look he has chosen tonight is a freaky cross between Urkel and PeeWee Herman with a little John Waters thrown in. I think the song choice was ten times better than last week, but the performance still wasn’t up to par. Being a God fearin’ person, he better start praying!

Idol—Andrew Garcia—oh hell yeah, a break dancer—bringing me back to my card board box from the 80s. Note to his stylist, that jacket doesn’t fit. Could you please retake his measurements? I am just not dazzled again this week, which is starting to really bum me out because I had such high expectations for him. If only he had brought some of that break dancer pizzazz to the song. I would like to see him do a James Taylor song.

Idol—Aaron Kelly, finally someone who chose the absolute correct song tonight, My Girl. Now, if we can just get him to stop shaking and jerking so much, he would be hitting it out of the park, but his body shaking was affecting his voice. Some of the high notes were a bit rough. Better in the middle of the song than anywhere else.

Idol—Tim Urban—I like that he had a sense of humor about the comments from Simon last week. Wow, he was so much better this week. I think he may be here another week. He definitely has the look. He needs to be consistent with song choice and voice. Tonight was a good start. The judges criticize the contestants for not making the song their own and making it their own. Make up your minds judges.

Idol—Lee Dewyze, umm a bad boy in high school, go figure. Shout out to Amy, a teacher who influenced him. Go teachers! Man, he sounds like a rocker. I liked it. It was one of the best for me tonight. He sounds a lot like the original artist, which probably helps him in this competition.

The winners tonight: Michael Lynch and Lee Dewyze

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