Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hey kids, it's American Idol night!

Theme: Soul and R&B

Siobhan Magnus is singing Through the Fire. It is pretty funny that Usher is worried about her wardrobe. He was right to be worried because she is wearing Greek Goddess meets Rocky (she needs to be in a boxing ring with those boots). And how appropriate since the performance was a bit rocky. The scream at the end is becoming her trademark, and I am not so sure it worked. Can you say overkill?

Casey James is singing Hold On, I’m Comin’. Usher thinks he is cool with a tool, his guitar! First time this song has been performed on Idol. You know Casey is serious when he pulls the hair back. He got game. Looking sharp, he is belting out the Southern style R&B. He rocked his great song choice. RED HOT!

Michael Lynche is singing Ready for Love. He is singing to the ladies, again. Mellow and low key. I think this is the best I have seen from BIG Mike. I liked that he controlled the performance towards the end of the song, instead of getting crazy with the vocals. This is the type of album I would expect from him. Would I buy it? No, but I would expect it, and I am sure he would sell some albums.

Didi Benami is singing What Becomes of the Broken Hearted. Even before she begins, I am thinking this is the most overdone song out there. Where is the originality? I doubt she will bring anything original to this song or performance. Not a good outfit choice for her as it made her look big around the hips. I am just not buying what she is selling. It just didn’t feel sincere.

Teflon Tim Urban is singing Sweet Love. Lord have mercy! ROFL about Tim singing this to Usher! Wrong song for Tim to sing--absolutely, positively the wrong song. Why do teen boys think they need to sing diva songs? Tim Urban, you will never match the depth of emotion Anita Baker achieved on this song. He might survive with those shirtless pics floating around online and being the Vote for the Worst Candidate at votefortheworst.com. Vegas called and they want their village idiot lounge singer back.

Andrew Garcia is singing Forever. Wow, Andrew got his groove back. It was interesting, relevant, and engaging. I truly liked that version. He has pulled himself back from the brink. That was GOOD. Now, that is American Idol worthy. Very cool.

Katie Stevens is singing Chain of Fools and revealed that she once stalked Usher until his bodyguard pulled her off. I think I am going to have to start a list of divas that you should never attempt: Aretha, Mariah, Celine, Whitney, & Tina to start. Attention all future idols, take notes here, please. The good news is she didn’t murder it. The song wasn’t even close to her generation—she is better when she sticks to more youthful songs such as the Rhianna song she sang. What type of artist is she??? She is closer to Miley Cyrus than she is to Aretha Franklin.

Lee DeWyze is singing Treat Her Like a Lady. Ummm, I like that gravelly voice. It’s rough and raw, and it rocks. Oh yeah, he is definitely a star. If his confidence keeps growing, he could give Casey and Crystal a run for their money. Best song of the night so far. That will be the first single on his album.

OMG, Crystal Bowersox is rocking the stilettos. What happened to my earth mother??? She is singing Midnight Train to Georgia. I loved her, hated the backless outfit. And she really didn’t need the backup singers. Say hello to top nine Crystal, you will be back next week. One positive about her is she seems versatile. Now, go back to the guitar and stay true to who you are.

Aaron Kelly is singing Ain’t No Sunshine. I still can’t believe he is only 16 years old. He has a killer voice, but I am not sure he has the life experience to really feel this song. Was it great? No, but it was very good.

Hands down best of the night—Lee DeWyze.

Bottom three: Tim, Katie, and Didi—I predict Didi will go home.

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Great reviews and i agree with may everything you said.