Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time to Mick it Up Idol Top Twelve

You gotta break some eggs to bake this cake, so let’s start crackin’ Idol!

The Theme…Rolling Stones

Michael Lynche wearing a lavender scarf (really Big Mike, lavender???) in the intro. video and singing Miss You. His falsetto falls flat for me. What is up with the weird dance moves/shaky, shaky leg thing? I think he made the song his own. I didn’t really think of the Stones when I saw this performance. I just noticed he is literally twice the size of Ryan. I think he will be back next week.

Didi Benami and Mommy Benami! She is singing Play with Fire. I was thinking she played the piano, and this song would be so effective as a solo, stripped down performance with just her at the piano. She seemed to stumble on the lyrics. Something was off about that performance. I am afraid the voters might flame out instead of firing up. This was kind of forgettable.

Casey James singing It’s All Over Now—with a country rock edge. Hair down tonight with the unshaven look and a hint of chest—he is just throwing his sex appeal out there. Careful, Casey, don’t hurt ‘em. Somehow, I just think he needs to be in leather pants. Vocals were okay, but I am sure he will be back next week. As I type this, I am sure my friend Deb is dialing like mad for him!

Lacey Brown is not a true red head. She is singing Ruby Tuesday. Wonder what the church thinks of this outfit—tiny mini-skirt and thigh high leggings? And what is going on with that top for heaven’s sake—off the shoulder beigy/peach lacy top mixed with the black and white stripes…huh? Hated the outfit, hated the song performance. She is not someone I would want to hear on the radio over and over.

Andrew Garcia’s dad thought he would be a custodian…because he collected keys. Well, his chosen profession does have something to do with keys. He is singing Shelter. I think he starts too high with his notes at the beginning. With this theme, there is always the chance of being compared to the original, and I was just thinking Andrew’s performance lacked the Mick Jagger energy. I think Kara was right on the money on this one.

Katie Stevens’s fans made Katie on a Stick! She is singing Wild Horses. Okay, my opinion of this song being performed is going to be tainted because I got Susan Boyle’s album for Christmas, and if you have heard Boyle perform the song, you will never forget it. Katie did okay, but she was no Susan Boyle, and I don’t think she will inspire a zillion hits on Youtube. Katie needs to cut her hair and get rid of that “good little girl” image if she wants to be the next American Idol.

Tim Urban is singing Under My Thumb. This whole performance has a Davey Jones from the Monkees meets Reggae vibe. In face, I think he has Davey Jones Hair from the 70s. You go, Tim. It was too campy—I expected Marcia Brady to run on stage at any moment. Eleven year old girls start dialing now; he will need you in order to stay.

Siobhan Magnus is just too nerdy to be the next American Idol based on that intro. She is just a strange little girl. She is singing Paint It Black. The little black dress and combat boot combo just reinforces that strange little girl image. Ouch, my ears are bleeding from the screaming end of that song. Good lord, child, Randy can’t keep from laughing, despite how hot he says it is. If this is going to be the standout performance, we are in trouble kids.

Lee Dewyze is singing Beast of Burden. Yeah, I love that song. Ummm, Bette Midler covered that and I loved it. He is downplaying this song, and I think it is working--not as raw as I thought it would be from him. I really thought he would let it rip, but he kept it low key.

Paige Miles is singing Honky Tonk Woman. Really???--she totally rewrote the lyrics, and it didn’t work for me. I don’t see her having the life experience to sing this song. According to wikipedia, this song refers to a dancing girl in a western bar who may work as a prostitute. So Paige, you thought you could pull this off? Good thing you played the laryngitis card.

Aaron Kelly is singing Angie. He got a new do! Spiky and hip. I have to say this is the best I have ever seen him. He hasn’t been one of my favorites, but he is growing on me. I think he has had one of the best performances of the night.

Crystal Bowersox is singing You Can’t Always Get What You Want. I immediately know what type of album she would put out based on her performances every week. I think this girl knows exactly who she is, and, better yet, who she is as a performer. She rocked it. She has such confidence and maturity on stage. I am in awe. I think whether she wins this competition or not, she gets a record deal.

Best of the night: Crystal Bowersox & Aaron Kelly

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