Tuesday, February 23, 2010

American Idol Recap: Girls' Night

American Idol, live blogging, okay okay, I know I am starting late, but had to DVR so I could replay.

IDOL--Paige Myles is not the next American Idol...have to disagree with Simon, I do not think she has the best voice.

IDOL--Ashley Rodriguez, interesting voice, understated but needs to work on her microphone skills, very Alicia Keys.

IDOL--Janell Wheeler, wine sales rep., yummy, hook me up sister--she has the whitest teeth. I did not like song choice--no one can sing Heart like Heart--you just can't top perfection and I thought she had some uneven moments voice-wise and some off notes.

IDOL--Lilly Scott, looks a little like a Tracy Ullman character. Lilly, Lilly, Lilly--Beatles really??? Girl, that was so the wrong song. Oh oh no no!

IDOL--Katelyn Epperly, I thought I would like her, but I really didn't. She bugged me for some reason. What is that damn black "Bow FLower" in her hair??? Her performance seemed affected. The hooker lipstick was distracting.

IDOL--Haley Vaughn--just say no to nose piercing people, it will not help you win American Idol. I thought she was trying to be a country artist--surprised she didn't lead with a country song. Hated the arrangement of I Wanna Hold Your Hand--and the all white rock and roll nurse get up was wrong--including the white nurse hose.

IDOL--Lacey Brown--YOU ARE NOT STEVIE NICKS--yuck, pfft, trying to get that out of my head, wrong wrong wrong; it is a shoddy imitation of the goddess that is Stevie Nicks. Go home gypsy wanna be.

IDOL--Michelle Delamor--cute girl, great smile, nice hair. Her version of Fallen was not so original, but I liked her performance and I love that song. Overall, like her, but it didn't pop like it should have.

IDOL--Didi Benami, reminds me of Brooke White. She is the official crier of this season. Did not like the song choice, but her voice was good. It was a very brady bunch performance—did she crochet that vest herself?

IDOL--Siobhan Magnus, a glass blowing apprentice, how cool! She has that artistic vibe about her, but she needs to wax those freakin' eyebrows. Wicked Games, that is an interesting song choice, but can she pull it off? Rocky start, uneven, but I think this girl may have more in her--she is the dark horse for sure.

IDOL--Crystal Bowersox--Momma needs a bigger paycheck! Don't we all sister. I would buy her album tomorrow. She knows how to control an audience and win them over. LOVE LOVE LOVE HER--the best tonight I think!

IDOL--Katie Stevens--candidate who could use a hip hair makeover, lose the headband honey, that was so Hilary Clinton like ten years ago. With that said, love her voice. She has great control over her voice and it was a good song choice for her. I think she will be back next week.

Top three of the night, Crystal Bowersox, Katie Stevens, Siobhan Magnus and the worst of the night--Lacey Brown.

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