Wednesday, February 24, 2010

American Idol Recap: Boys' Night

Idol—Todrick Hall has a great quality to his voice. First let me say that “Since You Been Gone” is my favorite Kelly Clarkson song of all time. He definitely made it his own, but when you love the original so much, it is hard to love any version that is so different.

Idol—Aaron Kelly, way too nasally. I just don’t see him as a country artist. I could see him working at Disney, singing in one of their shows.

Idol—Jermaine Sellers—I wonder if his voice is strong enough for this competition. I can see him being overshadowed easily. I thought he was trying to do a Michael Jackson thing in the beginning, and it didn’t work. Wonder what his neck tattoo is???

Idol—Tim Urban, Keith’s little bro??? He could be a teen heartthrob—totally reminds me of the guy from High School Musical. Seems like he was having microphone issues. Not the best voice to hit the high notes. Song choice was not fitting his voice—he almost needs to bring it down a few octaves.

Idol—Joe Munoz—I don’t envision him having hits on the radio. When I close my eyes and listen to him, I see myself changing the station. He will not be the American Idol, you heard it here first.

Idol—Tyler Grady will work that Jim Morrison comparison as long as it works for him, but it is really more like Jim Morrison meets Mick Jagger, minus the rockin’ voices. Seems like he was shouting some of that song. He could get into a rut real fast.

Idol—Lee Dewyze, liked his voice better on the quieter parts of the song. I think he hit some bad notes and that shook his confidence. I wonder if he should try a Jack Johnson song?

Idol—John Park—Not a good song for your debut on American Idol. I can see it in church, or in your grandma’s parlor in front of her bunko buddies but for AI, no way. It hurts me. Oh if only Shania was a guest judge.

Idol—Michael Lynche—hey daddy! He just didn’t strike me as the type to sing a Maroon 5 song. I expected something more soulful. Maybe a lullaby to his daughter would win him more votes. Plus he has the biggest arms on the planet! I mean they are HUGE.

Idol—Alex Lambert—He has a Carol Brady hair flip going on, too bad he doesn’t have a voice as good as Florence Henderson’s. He annoys me and I hate his singing and the way he scrunches up his mouth. And here I was hoping he would be more Adam Lambert and less Tickle me Elmo.

Idol—Casey James—I thought it was wrong of the judges to try and crack him up during the performance. Not cool, Kara. But overall, he held it together long enough to get the job done. I like him. He is definitely a country-rock guy. He will be back next week. If this whole singing thing doesn’t work out, he could be a model. He also has a great stage name!

Idol—Andrew Garcia—not my favorite choice of song for him, but he is so interesting and has serious skills. I hope he stays.

1. Overall, Casey James wins the night!
2. Alex Lambert can go home tomorrow night!
3. I agree with Simon—one of the girls will be the next American Idol.

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