Saturday, February 20, 2010

Granny and Papa
This has to be my favorite pic of my Granny and Papa. I love it for a number of reasons. One, you can see the love between them; even after many years together, they are sitting close and loving on one another. Second, this was taken at Christmas time, which is one of my most cherished times at my grandparents' home. The whole family would cram into this tiny house and celebrate our family. The tree in the background was there for many, many Christmases. I remember it had the old style lights, that were really big and got really hot. It was probably a major fire hazard, but I have fond memories of that tree and all the presents crowded around it. There was always an abundance of good food and laughter. We knew how to celebrate Christmas in our family.

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Mark said...

Thanks for this Gary. Christmas at Granny and Papa's are some of my favorite memories as well. Really enjoyed seeing the picture from the "old" days.

Now if I could only find that group picture of all of the kids where you are wearing the blonde wig for some reason : )