Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Favorite Restaurant: Houston's

It was a fantastic meal with fantastic service.

First up, we have cheese toast. This is no ordinary toast. Three kinds of cheese and spices on top of thick, rustic french bread.

Followed by the most delicious Tortilla Soup. Notice the thin tortilla crisps on top. Also, it had big chunks of chicken and slices of fresh avocado. Creamy and soothing on a winter's night.

My dining companion ordered the ribs. They used to call these Knife and Fork ribs. The rib meat literally falls off the bone. So tender and yummy. Finger lickin' good, and I am not embarrassed about that. I have ordered this before, and it is never disappointing.

I substituted BBQ baked beans for the coleslaw. They were piping hot and tasty. I nearly had to lick the bowl clean.

And finally, the Flying Chicken Platter. This is not on the menu, but if you know what to order, it is the best thing available in my opinion. The chicken tenders are what I would consider fluffy. They are so good with the dipping sauces of dijon and bbq sauce. One thing about Houston's that I love is even if they take it off the menu, they will still make it if you order it. Now that is customer service.

I passed on dessert. Yay me! Ha, like I could fit one more morsel of food into my stomach after this dinner. Oh, but it was soooo good.

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