Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Have you met my friend Boo. Look at us play!

Sometimes he tackles me and chews on my ear or my tail, but that just means he loves me.

Here he is mugging for the camera. Look at those eyebrows. They are huge, hilariously huge.

Boo likes to watch his big sister and survey all of his favorite toys. He loves his toys so much he will get them out of his toy box, all of them, and spread them around the living room. Sometimes he even falls asleep on them.

Boo is growing up, losing his baby teeth, learning the ways of the world. I love this dog. I constantly come up with affectionate nicknames for him. These are a few of those:
Boo Boo
Boola boola
Boo Man Chu
Boo Shu Pork
Booster Brown
Boo beast
Cutie P (short for cutie patootie)

1 comment:

donna said...

love the names for him...fav pic is the eybrow one...can't even see his eyes!