Sunday, October 30, 2011

31 Days in the Kitchen--Day 30

Blue Charm Dinnerware

My jadite collection is ever-expanding; I am obsessed with the opaque green dinnerware. I love the Jadite Charm pieces, which are square. They are hard to come by because apparently everyone else is in love with them, too. When I do find them, they are pretty costly. Recently, I went to a flea mart and found these BLUE CHARM pieces. I am not sure of the maker, but they were such a good price (a few dollars), I couldn't resist them. I got five salad plates, two cups and two saucers. I have seen the cups and saucers regularly in antique stores, so I know they are more plentiful. I can't decide whether I will sell them in my antique booth or hang on to them. Only time will tell.

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